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What is PalmDesire about?

Most sites dedicated to Palm Pilots are about where to buy one or where to get the hottest freeware, shareware and accessories.

But this website isn't about hardware or software. Its about the psychological lure of Palm computers. Why do we feel that compelling urge to possess one? What makes them so irresistibly desirable? Once we own one, why does it become so much like a part of your body (your palm!) that you feel naked without it?

We've come up with a nice little list of "reasons" (excuses?) to buy a Palm:

  1. They're beautiful: the design is fantastic - sleek and slender.
  2. They're small: they can fit into pocket without making an ugly bulge or deforming the exensive fabric or your suit (unlike its clunky competitors)
  3. They're a great companion: Lets admit it, its nice to have a little plaything to fool around with. Load you favorite internet content with AvantGo and surf the news headlines on the go. Make a few notes, browse the mail you've hotsynced from the office Lotus-notes system.
  4. Their infrared beam: tried beaming your contact info directly to your their PDA or mobile phone? Makes business cards so old-fashioned...
  5. You can buy stuff on them: on your way to the cinema? With the Palm VII, make reservations and have your tickets waiting for you.
  6. Palm is a culture, shared by a huge community of technophiles. Consider this fact: over 50'000 applications have been written for its OS....

But why did you buy yours? Post your answer to our forum and share with other palm zealots: go to forum

Some good places for PalmOS software downloads:

A good place to get your hardware:

Any comments? we welcome your feedback, mail us !

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Last updated on May 28, 2000
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